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16 June 2020

From asset management to data management – JAY Solutions helps investors make thoroughly informed investment decisions.

JAY Solutions offers investor-clients advanced reporting and analysis services that give them a better overview of their investment assets. JAY Solutions, a service developed under the auspices of JAM Advisors of Finland, focuses now on expanding its core business.

High-quality reporting combined with advanced analysis help investors perceive the contents of the portfolio and understands its weights and risk levels. In particular, small professional investors will greatly benefit from this service, which offers a single tool for a comprehensive overview of all holdings. Exact and extensive analysis and reporting and the added transparency they provide is seldom part of asset managers’ core expertise, but for the JAY Solutions’ team of specialists this is a true calling. Aside from extensive enrichments, JAY Solutions stands out from the crowd through its data visualisation and excellent user-friendliness of the tools.

Clients of the new company will gain access to an updated version of the reporting portal, a browser-based J-Ray tool and all the expertise of an interdisciplinary team of experts. J-Ray offers a modern solution to a typical asset management problem: how to get a detailed and comparable overview of the various assets. With this tool, investors can view their assets on a real-time basis using either browser-based views or a wide range of customised reports. Currently JAY Solutions’ clientele includes foundations, family-owned investment firms and other professional investors. At the present time, assets worth approx. EUR 11 billion are being monitored using the company’s services.

“Underlying the simple report views and clear figures generated by the J-Ray tool is data gathered by our experts and enriched through the use of a wide range of market information sources. The information affecting investors’ assets is highly reliable and also a few steps ahead of others, thanks to data enrichment. We see ourselves as shaking up industry conventions, an approach that has also been welcomed by our clients. Our service is also attracting attention outside Finland,” says Jani Laitinen, Head of JAY Solutions.

In fact, one of the objectives in the operations is to increase transparency in the financial sector. The tools offered by JAY Solutions provide a detailed analysis of the investment opportunities, such as funds or index loans, disclosing their real allocations, ESG indicators and costs.

“In the development project, JAY Solutions has effectively harnessed JAM Advisors’ solid asset management expertise. At the same time, we’ve had the opportunity to see the world from the asset manager’s perspective, respond to their exact wishes and give due consideration to the challenges they’re facing. The need for enriched and reliable data is growing,” says Christian Borgström, a JAM Advisors Managing Partner and JAY Solutions shareholder.

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