To pick the right manager or to screen the most efficient passive instruments is key to successfully manage your wealth. Our advisory service rely on having the true picture of our clients’ total wealth position and based on that do well informed investment decisions using the most efficient active and passive instruments.

Focus list

Our Focus list is a constantly updated selection of the most efficient instruments in all asset classes, active funds and passive ETFs. If you wish you can quickly build a world class, efficient and comprehensive portfolio by using the funds from our Focuslist as building blocks.

Why limit your

As there is a massive amount of funds globally, why limit yourself only to instruments provided to you by your asset managers? Feel the freedom to pick and choose yourself, we help you in identifying and in accessing those products that bring most value added to you when looking at your total wealth positions.

Private equity

Through our relationship with CapMan, we can offer our clients direct access to teams managing Private Equity assets in multiple strategies in the Nordics.

Together with our colleagues in CapMan we also screen and provide access to leading Global Private Equity Managers. By using our reporting tool, the JAM X-RAY, we can provide you an easy to understand and comprehensive report and analysis of your aggregated Private Equity exposure, independent of the manager you choose.