Our Wealth Advisory offering consist of a consultative relationship with our clients interpreting and using the JAM X-Ray as a means of understanding the true picture of our clients’ wealth. Combining our multiple custody data aggregation service and the JAM X-Ray tool gives us the opportunity to do investments together with our clients that add value and makes sense from a total wealth perspective.


The foundation for a successful management of wealth lies within the capability to aggregate and understand one’s positions. Since 2012 we have developed the tool that we call the JAM X-Ray. Today this tool is also being offered across our industry by the independent company JAY Solutions.


We provide access to the world’s leading active and passive managers of private and public funds. Our analytical capabilities screen and uncover the most efficient instruments for each of our clients’ aggregated wealth position.


With access to research from global investment banks and by regularly meeting asset managers and financial services providers from all over the world, we provide our clients with a suggestion of the ultimate allocation over geographies and asset classes, at every time.


Our team consist of seasoned industry experts with a long and broad market experience. Having seen and managed assets over different economic cycles and asset classes gives us the foundation to guide our clients regarding their their investments successfully and strategically over time.